Type Health & Safety Languages 28 Languages Duration 50 minutes

The Emergency First Aid at Work Training course is a must for anyone working as an emergency first aider in the construction industry. Gain the skills and understanding to manage workplace accidents safely and swiftly.


Our Emergency First Aid at Work Training is an essential course for emergency first aiders in the workplace. Emergencies can happen anywhere, often quite unexpectedly. Therefore, it’s important that people in your organisation are equipped with the skills to help when an accident or emergency occurs. Our refresher course is the perfect addition for emergency first aiders in any workplace or industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Refresh your memory on the roles & responsibilities of an emergency first-aider
  • Practice your technique for administering CPR and using an AED
  • Build on your knowledge for assessing a situation to act safely in an emergency.

Course Structure

The course is broken down into 3 main sections:

  1. The Primary Survey
  2. The Secondary Survey
  3. First Aid Treatment

Course Overview

Between 2017-2018, there were 555,000 non-fatal injuries in workplaces and 144 fatal injuries.

The British Red Cross determined that only 5% of adults have the skills and confidence to provide first aid in emergency situations. This displays how crucial Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) can be. It also shows just how important it is to equip staff with the necessary skills to respond to accidents and emergencies in the workplace.

Our CPD Accredited Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) Refresher Training is the perfect course for all emergency first aiders across all industries. Your staff will refresh their understanding of:

  • the role of an emergency first aider, such as the need for recording incidents and preventing cross-infection
  • how to assess a situation to act safely and effectively in an emergency
  • how to administer first aid to those who are; unconscious, choking, burned, wounded, bleeding, or suffering from shock
  • how to administer CPR and how to use an AED
  • how to provide first aid for minor injuries (cuts, grazes, bruises, minor burns, etc.)

Please note that this online training course does not give you the full practical training of first aid or emergency first aid. It provides general awareness but should not be used as a replacement for practical training.

Our other online first aid courses include First Aid at Work Refresher Training, First Aid Requirements & RIDDOR and First Aid Appointed Person Training.

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Emergency First Aid at Work certificate

All of our courses end with a multiple-choice test to measure your knowledge of the material.

Emergency First Aid at Work Training concludes with a 20-question multiple choice test with a printable certificate. In addition, short in-course questionnaires will guide you through the sections of the training, which are designed to reinforce learning and ensure maximum engagement throughout.

As well as printable user certificates, training progress and results are all stored centrally in your LMS (Learning Management System). This can be accessed at any time to reprint certificates, check & set pass marks, and serve as proof of commitment to ongoing legal compliance.

What does my certificate include?

Your Emergency First Aid at Work Training Certificate includes your name, company name (if applicable), name of course taken, pass percentage, date of completion, expiry date and stamps of approval or accreditations by recognised authorities.

Why is Emergency First Aid at Work training important?

It's important that you comply with the law, as well as understand the ways in which it affects you in the workplace.

The First Aid Regulations 1981

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel, to ensure that their employees receive immediate attention if injured or taken ill at work.

3.—(1) An employer shall provide, or ensure that there are provided, such equipment and facilities as are adequate and appropriate in the circumstances for enabling first-aid to be rendered to his employees if they are injured or become ill at work. The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981