Grandfather Rights are ending - are you ready?

Posted Thu, 11th April 2024 Author Emily Benstock Read Time 4 mins

NVQsGrandfather rights (Industry Accreditation) are being phased out at the end of this year. Take a look at our Grandfather Rights FAQs and see how we can help you update your CSCS Card with the relevant NVQ.

1. What are Grandfather Rights in the construction industry?

Grandfather Rights, also known as industry accreditation, allowed individuals to obtain CSCS and CPCS cards based on their experience and prior qualifications without the need for an NVQ. However they are now being phased out and learners will require relevant qualifications to maintain their access to site.

2. Why are Grandfather Rights being phased out?

The transition is occurring to ensure a fully trained and competent workforce in the construction industry, as recommended by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC).

3. When will Grandfather Rights cards expire?

All Industry Accreditation (IA) cards issued from 1st Jan 2020 will expire on 31st Dec 2024, and they cannot be renewed using Industry Accreditation.

4. What is the alternative to Grandfather Rights for CSCS and CPCS cards?

Construction professionals will need to complete an accredited qualification at the equivalent level to obtain or maintain their CSCS and/or CPCS cards.

5. What is an NVQ, and how does it differ from Grandfather Rights?

NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification and requires individuals to provide a portfolio of assessment based evidence to demonstrate their competence and skills. It replaces the previous system based on experience and qualifications.

6. Do I have to complete an NVQ to continue working in construction?

Yes, construction professionals previously relying on Grandfather Rights must complete an NVQ or equivalent accredited qualification to keep their CSCS and CPCS cards and continue working in the industry.

7. How do I determine the level of NVQ I need to complete?

The required NVQ level varies depending on your job role. You should choose an NVQ that corresponds to your occupation and skill level.

8. Are there financial assistance programs available for NVQs in construction?

Yes, organisations like the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) offer financial assistance, grants, and funding to help construction workers with NVQ costs. For those looking to complete a level 2 or 3 NVQ government funding may also be available through The Skills Centre.

9. Can I complete an NVQ online, or is it strictly on-site?

NVQs are completed using a range of assessment methods to gather evidence of a workers skills and experience. Some of this may be done on-site, online via conversations with your assessor, or through photographs, videos or written evidence. At The Skills Centre, your assessor will work with you to find the evidence gathering methods that best suit your role, experience and schedule.

10. What should I do if I have Grandfather Rights cards and want to transition to NVQs?

Contact organisations like The Skills Centre, which offer NVQs from various levels, including Skilled Worker and Senior Management. They can provide guidance and support for your transition.

11. Can I get a CSCS card by Grandfather Rights?

The Grandfather Rights scheme is being phased out, and new qualifications are required.

12. Do Grandfather Rights expire?

Yes, Industry Accreditation (IA) cards issued from January 1, 2020, will expire on December 31, 2024, and cannot be renewed using IA.

13. Are Black CSCS cards being phased out?

Black CSCS cards are not being phased out but will require corresponding qualifications, specifically a level 5, 6, or 7 NVQ.

14. Are CSCS cards being phased out in 2023?

If you hold a CSCS Card with the relevant NVQ your card will be valid until its expiry date, when you will be able to renew it. If your card was issued under Industry Accreditation or Grandfather Rights, then you will not be able to renew your card without completing a relevant qualification.

All cards issued under Industry Accreditation or Grandfather Rights will expire on December 31, 2024. If you have not completed your relevant qualification by this time, you may be unable to access site and continue in your role.

15. What is industry accreditation CSCS?

Industry Accreditation (IA) is a scheme also known as ‘Grandfather Rights’ that is no longer being used, with new requirements replacing it. You will now need to complete the relevant qualification to maintain your level of CSCS Card.

16. How do I upgrade my CSCS Card that was issued under industry accreditation/grandfather rights? The Skills Centre can help! Get in touch with us at we can help you understand which qualification you need, find funding and get started!