Kevin’s journey so far

Location Southwark Skills Centre Name Kevin, Apprentice Read Time 1 min

An innovative ‘real life’ construction experience with a focus on those who live and work in Southwark.

What did you do when you finished school?

I did work experience at the Southwark Construction Skills Centre which was organised through the school. I really enjoyed it.

Then John White (SCSC Operation Director) asked me if I wanted to do a follow-up employment programme through the Construction Skills Fund in October 2018. It was a whole new world I just didn’t know about

This training is having a positive impact on my life as I can now contribute to the family Kevin Benn

What training did you do at the Centre

‘I successfully completed my highways programme at the SCSC. It was a three-week course and covered.

The course covered:

Health, Safety And welfare in the workplace
Establishing Work Area Protection and safety in the workplace
CSCS card
Excavating holes and Trenches-manual Digging in the workplace
Reinstating Excavating and Highway Surfaces in the workplace

What job are they doing now, or do they plan to do in the future.

I have successfully completed my Highways Maintenance apprenticeship, I am now employed as a Technician and continue to progress within my construction career.