Samantha King appointed as Director of Delivery for The Skills Centre

Posted Fri, 2nd December 2022 Author Emily Benstock Read Time 4 mins

Construction training skills provider The Skills Centre has appointed former apprenticeship manager Samantha King as its Director of Delivery.

Sam brings over 15 years of experience to the role, having previously worked with young people in safeguarding, training, and apprenticeships for a number of organisations and charities.

Joining The Skills Centre as an apprenticeship manager in 2020, Sam developed a number of apprenticeship schemes - including formwork, groundwork and steel fixing - from the ground up after quickly spotting opportunities that were missing within the construction industry.

As part of her new role, she will be further strengthening the business’ offering for new and existing apprentices - establishing new locations around the UK and branching out into wider trades. She will also be driving opportunities for women in construction, delivering training and advice to site managers and leaders on how they can support women on-site and help them to develop careers in the industry.

On her appointment, Sam said: “I’m absolutely delighted to be taking on this new role at The Skills Centre. I’ve been with the business for just two years and in that time, I’ve seen an almost unlimited potential in the number of people whose lives can be significantly changed by finding opportunities like apprenticeships and training schemes - particularly those who might be in need of a break.

“That’s why I love construction, because you can come in with zero qualifications, but if you have that strong work ethic and you give it everything you have, there’s no stopping you from progressing – from apprenticeships to site manager and beyond, it’s about your approach to work, not where you came from.

“At The Skills Centre, our retention rate for apprentices who go on to secure jobs is over 70%, which is unheard of in the industry. We’re also the first company to get female apprentices through their formwork apprenticeships - and with distinctions - I’m incredibly proud to be working in an organisation like this.”

Before joining The Skills Centre, Sam previously worked for London-based charity Unlocking Potential which supported young, vulnerable people living in Elephant and Castle. Through her work with the charity, she met the team from The Skills Centre, who helped get a number of young people there into work and apprenticeships. She has also delivered diversity and inclusion training for the British Army and NHS, all of which prepared her for her current role.

On her work in diversity and inclusion, Sam said: “Throughout the years I’ve visited numerous construction sites and offices, and it’s astounding how many wouldn’t even have toilet facilities for women on-site. Historically, the industry has been such a male-dominated world, but I’m thrilled to see big changes finally coming on and I’m determined that The Skills Centre will be at the forefront of those changes.

“Something I believe makes a big difference to inclusion on-site is that we take time to teach supervisors and trainers how they can best support the women on their teams - to look at everything from endometriosis to the need for flexible hours due to childcare.

“It’s not about being treated the same, it’s about being treated fairly and understanding that women may have slightly different needs, but they can offer the same work ethic, ability and performance level as anyone else.”

John Howlin, CEO at The Skills Centre said: “Over the past two years Sam has helped to develop some of our most successful training, working closely with the industry to achieve our ambition: transforming lives by delivering local opportunities to local people.

“So much construction training is not fit for purpose, leaving learners unable to secure sustainable employment in the industry, despite their qualifications. Sam’s work ensures our bespoke training delivers the vital skills the industry is crying out for, giving our learners the best foundations for building their career and helping fill the construction skills gap that is threatening future growth ambitions in the UK.”

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