The Skills Centre Excels with Outstanding Ofsted Rating for Adult Learning Programmes

Posted Wed, 15th November 2023 Author Emily Benstock Read Time 6 mins

The Skills Centre achieves an exceptional "Outstanding" for Adult Learning Programmes and "Good" overall OFSTED rating. Specific recognition given for aligning skills with industry demands and fostering employability, while Rainscreen Cladding Bootcamp highlighted as a key strength.

We're thrilled to share that The Skills Centre has achieved an exceptional Ofsted Inspection Report, securing a robust "Good" overall rating, with a standout "Outstanding" recognition for our Adult Learning Programmes.

Key Highlights

Solid Training Standards

The Skills Centre maintains a "Good" rating, showcasing our commitment to providing high-quality education and support for learners and apprentices.

Outstanding Adult Learning

Our Adult Learning Programmes garnered the highest praise – an "Outstanding" rating. Specific feedback from the report includes:

  1. Practical Application
    Ofsted commended the exceptional practical application of skills in our adult learning programmes, particularly highlighting our market-leading Rainscreen Cladding Bootcamps.
  2. Industry-Relevant Curriculum
    The report recognises our tailored curriculum that directly addresses industry needs, ensuring learners acquire skills aligned with current construction sector demands.
  3. Success Stories
    Ofsted observed and celebrated success stories from learners who have excelled in their training, acknowledging our effective adult learning provision.

Additional Feedback

  • Quality of Education: Ofsted affirmed our commitment to providing good-quality education across various areas, including the effective teaching of relevant skills by our dedicated tutors.
  • Behaviour and Attitudes: Learners and apprentices were noted for their positive behaviour and attitudes, creating a conducive learning environment.
  • Personal Development: The report praised our effective personal development curriculum, emphasising the training provided on topics such as mutual respect and tolerance.

Jon Howlin, CEO of The Skills Centre said: "This Outstanding rating for our Adult Learning Programmes, with specific acknowledgment of our Rainscreen Cladding Bootcamp, reflects our dedication to providing market-leading and impactful training."

Jean Stevens-Duprez MBE, Chairperson of Board of Governors said: "The Ofsted report showcases our commitment to excellence. Outstanding Adult Learning is a core part of our mission, and this recognition validates our efforts."

Read the full report here.

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