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Business Compliance Courses


Business compliance training is essential in the workplace. The below courses are designed to enable your business and staff to operate safely, efficiently, and in accordance with legal requirements.

Anti-Bribery Training

Our Anti-Bribery Training programme is designed to help individuals to recognise situations involving bribery or corruption, as well as teach the skills needed to react accordingly.

Bomb Threats & Suspicious Packages

Our Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages course is essential for all employees. It provides the knowledge required to remain alert to any possible threats of terrorism in the workplace, as well as the steps they should take if a suspicious package is found.

Environmental Awareness

Our Environmental Awareness Training course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their awareness of the environment. By identifying the problems related to the environment, this course outlines the actions to take within the workplace to mitigate further issues.

Equality & Diversity Training

Equality & Diversity Training teaches employees how to operate appropriately amongst an equal and diverse workforce. It includes anti-discriminatory practices as well as how to report inappropriate or offensive behaviour.

GDPR Essentials Training

Our GDPR Training course is designed for anybody who handles personal data. It provides an understanding of the latest General Data Protection Regulations legislation, including the methods to keep personal information safe and secure.

GDPR Refresher Training

Our GDPR Refresher course is the perfect addition for those who have already completed their GDPR Essential Training. The refresher training provides important information regarding any updates in legislation, as well as a reminder of processes to solidify good practices.

GDPR Training for Management

Our GDPR Training for Management course is designed for those operating in a management position, who require a succinct and comprehensive guide to all the latest GDPR regulations.

Modern Slavery Training

Modern Slavery Training is important for all employers and employees. It teaches you how to recognise and report modern slavery both in and around the workplace.

New & Expectant Mothers at Work Training

Our New & Expectant Mothers training course provides employees and employers with the relevant information for handling a return to work post-pregnancy, as well as any considerations that should be made for expectant mothers.

Returning to Work Training

Our Returning to Work Training course provides the information that you and your organisation need to ensure a smooth return to work following an extended period of absence.

Returning to Work (during and after COVID-19) Training

Returning to Work (during and after COVID-19) is designed to help employees with the transition back to work following the Covid-19 restrictions, and covers various scenarios such as home-working and being furloughed.

Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Our Sexual Harassment Training course is designed to provide clear guidance and boost the awareness needed to identify, report, and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. This course is suitable for all industry sectors.

Whistleblowing Training

Our Whistleblowing Training course helps employees to understand when and why they should report illegal activities in their workplace. The course also offers guidance in relation to whistleblowing policies and their purpose.

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