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Mental Health and Wellbeing Courses


Mental health and wellbeing are essential to protect and maintain a healthy and safe workplace. These courses are designed to help raise awareness, as well as provide guidance for the actions you should take to respond appropriately.

Bullying & Harassment for Managers

Our Bullying & Harassment course is designed for those operating in a leadership or management position. It provides guidance for how to create and maintain a positive culture within the workplace.

Conflict Resolution Training.

Our CPD Accredited Conflict Resolution course is ideal for both employers and employees. This training provides effective techniques for managing and resolving conflict in the workplace.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Our Drug & Alcohol Awareness course helps your employees to recognise the indicators of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as the appropriate steps that should be taken to deal with it.

Mental Health Awareness Training

Our Mental Health Awareness Training course is designed to build a stronger understanding of poor mental health. It provides the guidance needed to support and remove any stigma surrounding these illnesses.

Mental Health in Construction Training

Our Mental Health in Construction Training is designed to raise awareness of poor mental health, including the key indicators to look out for, and guidance to handle the subject.

Stress Awareness & Management Training

Our Stress Awareness and Management Training course is designed for employers, employees, and safety representatives alike. It provides the guidance required to recognise and mitigate stress at work.

Time Management Training

Our Time Management training serves as a step by step guide to efficient time management. Appropriate for all, this course is ideal for improving quality of work, as well as workplace morale.

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